Policies and Procedures (booking included) qpilates

Policies and Procedures

BOOKING POLICY/*Terms and Conditions


qpilatesuk ltd offers commitment packages. Rolling Memberships will be introduced at a later date. You will be able to cancel your “rolling month” memberships at any time. Requests to cancel your membership need to be emailed to quincy@qpilatesuk.com 2 WEEKS BEFORE the next billing date, which is on the 1st of every month.

Commitment packages auto-renew at the end of each commitment period. It is your responsibility to inform me If you wish to cancel your commitment 2 weeks prior to the end of the commitment period.

Apart from the 1st payment – which is part of my Satisfaction Guarantee, any payments made after the 1st will not be refunded, as this results in added charges for qpilatesuk ltd. If a cancellation was requested too late you will of course still have access to all the classes for that month and your payment will be stopped before the next billing date.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you attend classes for the first 4 weeks (4 consecutive weeks ideally but with a reasonable acceptance/understanding of time off for holiday) and aren’t happy with the results, then I offer you a Personal Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee: If you feel that we are not the right fit to work together then I will cancel your membership – no questions asked. NB: You must attend all of the sessions in your commitment package on time (be there at the start of your booked session) and complete each booked session in it’s entirety.

In instances of members wanting to leave for any period of time – there is a non-refundable holding fee of £20 to guarantee your space when you re- turn. This is not compulsory, however we cannot guarantee a space when you return should you decide not to guarantee your space.

Accounts cannot be put on hold* – we do our best to be as flexible as we can. Eg. If you’re going away for two weeks then you can use all your sessions in the other two weeks of the month, HOWEVER I will allow you to roll sessions over to the next month including commitment packages as follows:
Kickstart Package – rollover 1 session Step It Up Package – rollover 2 sessions

*I am not unreasonable and will look at each case separately and a decision will be made based on your personal circumstances.


qpilatesuk ltd currently offers commitment packages (rolling monthly memberships tbc) which are designed to help keep you motivated and committed to achieving your goals. Only rolling monthly membership packages can be canceled at any time giving 2 weeks’ notice before the next billing period.

If you select a commitment package (3, 6 or 12 months) you will be committed for the full term of your package and will be required to continue paying for your package until the end of the commitment period, whether you attend classes or not. Payment in full for the period is accepted. Commitment packages auto-renew at the end of the commitment period. It is your responsibility to inform us if you wish to cancel your commitment package 2 weeks prior to the end of the commitment period end date.

All classes are booked online at http://qpilatesuk.com/book-online/ the on- line booking facility which you can access from a desktop or a mobile.

I highly recommend you book your classes early (Please note: there is no limit on how far in advance you want to book).


If you arrive late for a class, it is YOUR responsibility to warm up properly, as some sessions have specific warm ups due to the exercises planned for that session. If you arrive late and have not warmed up you are putting yourself at risk of an injury. If you are late – you enter the class at your own risk.


All no shows will result in a charge, no class credit will be refunded.

You have the option to cancel your class up to 2 hours before the class and avoid any charges, any cancellations after this time will result in a charge. If I manage to fill your space, I may offer a class credit refund – however due to the lateness it leaves little time for the next person to be notified etc. but I will do my best.


I will never cancel a class on the night due to low numbers, however if num- bers are consistently low the timetable will be reviewed and the class may be cancelled on a permanent basis. The timetable will be amended to meet the demands of our clients.

If a class is cancelled due to illness you will receive a notification via email – I will do my best to send you a text message, however this cannot be guaran- teed so please monitor your emails. I will of course do everything I can NOT to cancel a class.

If there are consistently 5 or less in a class the class will be cancelled – please keep an eye on your emails during these times.
You will of course be able to roll sessions over to the next month so if you’re unable to use all your session because of reduced classes (for e.g. in December) – you’ll get the ad- vantage of being able to come to more classes in January!


There will be occasions when I take photos and videos of a class in progress for our marketing purposes. I love showing others that we are real people doing Pilates (both women AND men) as opposed to 20 year old fitness models and it’s less intimidating for new comers. We don’t take face shots and they tend to be the feet end of the mats so rarely see faces.

If you do NOT want to be in photos/videos please LET ME KNOW:


At qpilates booking…

One to one (1:1) Private Pilates sessions/lessons are held either at the Lansdowne Centre Studio : 241-280 South Lambeth Rd, London SW8 1UJ on Thursdays at 8pm to 9pm

or in the comfort of our clients’ homes on Mondays or Fridays.

General info re: One to one (1:1) Private Pilates sessions/lessons

  • Everyone can benefit from a 1:1 qpilates session.
  • These sessions are tailored to focus on your personal needs, (not always possible in larger classes), on specific medical conditions such as orthopaedic conditions, chronic pain, back pain, recovering from an injury, and if you’re pregnant and, will provide you with a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form. Please consult your doctor or therapist first if you have a medical condition qpilates works in conjunction with osteopaths, physiotherapists or GPs to create a personal program that should complement any ongoing medical treatment)
  • qpilates also offers Mobile Pilates one to one sessions where you’re visited in your home or at your work.
  • It is advisable if you are a complete (Absolute) beginner to arrange a 1:1 session (or attend an Absolute Beginner Class) before joining a regular Pilates Beginner mat based class.
  • Please let your Pilates instructor know of your aims and expectations before your first session, to allow the Pilates instructor to create a personal Pilates exercise plan for your classes.