5 shoulder stretches

5 shoulder stretches

5 Shoulder Stretches:

1 Stand up and Correct Posture

2 Pendulum (see picture)

3 Wall crawl (see picture)

4 Dumb Waiter (see picture)

5 Neck to Shoulder Stretch


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5 Shoulder Stretches

1 Stand up and Correct Posture

Start from a slight slouch forward 

Roll both your shoulders UP towards your ears and then, BACKWARDS and downwards

Imagine a ‘V’ shape sliding down your back into your back pockets

Repeat 3 times in that direction and then, reverse direction of shoulder roll

2 Pendulum (see picture)

Start by leaning forward with your forearm supported by a table or a bench.

Pull your navel into your spine to support your back and keep your back straight

Slide your shoulder blades down your back so shoulders aren’t crunched up near your ears

Gently circle your arm clockwise about 10 times so you feel a mild to moderate stretch

Repeat counter – clockwise

STOP if you have (un grateful) pain!

3 Wall crawl (see picture)

Start by standing tall facing the wall, shoulder blades slid down your back, and navel pulled to spine

Soften your knees, bending one (start on right side), and extending the other one behind you (pushing that heel into/toward the floor)

Place your right hand on the wall, elbow level with shoulder then slowly finger walk up the wall until you feel a mild to moderate stretch, then down again

Additionally, and alternately, spread fingers, push your palm into the wall. then release pressure

Repeat 5 to 10 times but STOP if you feel (un grateful) pain!

Repeat using left side and left leg etc


Turn sideways with right hip at the wall

Step left foot back so you’re on the ball of your foot

feet should be hip distance apart

right knee should be over right ankle

slowly lunge/push forward into the right leg keep hips facing forward

to increase stretch, finger walk arm away from body so it ends up horizontal to the floor and the palm is facing the wall

repeat 3 times each side but STOP if you feel (un grateful) pain!

4 Dumb Waiter (see picture)

Start this exercise standing tall, navel to spine and shoulder slid down your back

Your neck is straight and your gaze is locked onto the horizon (i.e. level)

Mouth closed (not as in the pic below)

Glue your elbows to your ribcage

Turn your palms up as if you’re balancing a winter cocktail in each palm

(ideas here for “winter cocktails” please…..Dumb Waiter…..geddit?)

Inhale, pull navel into spine some more

Exhale as you serve the “winter cocktail” to people either side of you

Keep shoulders down and point armpits to your hips

Inhale as you bring hands back to starting position

Don’t use too much effort and STOP if you feel (un grateful) pain

5 Neck to Shoulder Stretch

Bend right ear to the right shoulder.

Place right hand over left temple and add a tiny bit of extra pressure by gently pulling the head to the right.

Left hand can a) rest at your side (this would be the lowest level of the stretch) or b) reach behind your back (up a level)

Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.



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